Patricia Niemann - Goldsmith and designer for gemstones, jewellery and studio glass Patricia Niemann - Goldsmith and designer for gemstones, jewellery and studio glass

Jewellery & Wearables

As a formally trained goldsmith, designer and glassmaker, Patricia’s work spans across media. Goldsmithing and fine jewellery is the core of her work.

Contemporary one off and bespoke pieces are designed and hand-made in her studio workshop, using over thirty years of trade experience. Unusual gemstones and pearls are worked into 18ct Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, following own designs or to customer commission.

Goldsmithing Bespoke

Examples of bespoke and one-off studio work in 18ct Gold, Platinum and Palladium with diamonds and gemstones. Clear and coloured gemstones have fascinated humans throughout history. We source and collect unusual and rare gemstones, originating from all over the world, which are often used as starting point for the design of pieces. Some examples made in our workshop are below. All work designed and made by Patricia Niemann in 750/000 (18ct) white and yellow gold, platinum and palladium and is strictly one-off.

Commissioning process: Please contact the studio if you wish to discuss a project. In most cases a personal visit is best, especially if the re-working or re-setting of old jewellery is required. An FAQ section for enquiries about bespoke work is in development.



Gemstone Necklaces

When visiting the studio you will see necklaces made from gemstones and pearls, with precious metal elements. Every one of these pieces is designed to show off the gems at their best. Clasps are always part of the design and not meant to be ‘hidden away’ at the back of the neck. Some examples are below. These pieces are always made as a one-off.

Studio Glass

Hot glass is an alluring process and material. Glassblowing is done working at a furnace. A glassblower’s work is very physical, comparable to dancing – good glassblowing is fluid like the molten material, and well-choreographed. You interact with people and space, searing heat and a sense of danger. It can be addictive. Patricia’s hot glass work is mostly conceived as being objects relating to the human body, and many pieces become jewellery. (Images: lobster claws, flame shapes, bone jewellery)


Human anatomy is an always intriguing subject. The sheer complexity of our body is bottomless, and our own anatomy is mostly hidden from us. For the medical profession, many anthropologists and bio-archaeologists it is much more familiar. These pieces are inspired by human anatomy and finds at local archaeological excavations.


Jewellery for men is not always of great concern to goldsmiths. In our studio it is however a very important theme. Many bigger pieces in precious metal, glass and textiles are made with men in mind. Our models for photography are almost exclusively male.


Lichens are a combination of fungi and algae or bacteria. Fungi are neither strictly plants nor animals; they feel and look rather alien. They can be toxic and a sign of decay, but they are also immensely useful in medicine and important for biodiversity and regeneration in nature. Lichens are fascinating miniature wonders, slow in growth, but indicators of clean air and can produce oxygen in habitats too forbidding for normal plants. The Far North of Scotland is rich with lichens and it is almost impossible not to notice them and their fascinating forms.

“Lichen textures have invaded my jewellery.”



Other Projects