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Textile Body Adornment
scarf knitted in skull-fair-isle pattern
gray knitted and felted scarf
bronze cowl scarf
knitted and felted dreadlock hat
felted hat with Viking horns
Scarf in Skull-Fair-Isle pattern
Knitted and felted
Caithness Scarf
Knitted and felted Cowl-scarf
Knitted and felted Dreaded Hat
Horned Viking Hat
knitted and felted tabard or poncho
knitted and felted poncho and cowl-scarf

Patricia's knitted (and felted) body adornment was developed after working with renowned fibre artist Jeanette Sendler in Edinburgh, Newburgh (www.sendler.co.uk) and knitwear designer Barbara Ridland on Shetland (www.troak.co.uk). Much of this work is inspired by ripped baling wrap or silage sheeting, which, due to the ever prevailing strong wind, can be found blowing horizontally off stock fences in Caithness and is called 'Caithness Prayer Flags' by locals.

All items, which Owen is modelling here, are made in pure new wool and are normally made to order.

The Skull Fair-Isle pattern scarves are knitted for me on Shetland Islands in finest merino lambswool (spun in Scotland) . The Dreaded Hat and the Tabard/Poncho were knitted in Caithness using Shetland Wool.

All pictures were taken on Caithness beaches near Latheron and Lybster.

Knitted and felted Tabard
Tabard and Cowl-scarf