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Patricia Niemann
Work - Bones & Beasts


Pieces of Jewellery and body adornment, intended to be worn on the body and change the wearer's silhouette. This work is concerned with anthropology, local mortuary archaeology, the unique weather-beaten nature of Caithness and my recent fascination with lichens.

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ring with black blown glassLichen Slug Ring  

my  Macbeth text, page1Macbeth Poster of Eden Court Theatre

Theatre project : MACBETH
Presented by Open Book PW, Directed by Marcus Roche
Concept Design by Patricia Niemann

Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis, King of Scotland! Then as now, land is power.
Having been granted new lands and titles, Macbeth wants more. Driven by greed to murder his king and kill his friend, Macbeth is spurred on by the witches, his wife and his own ambition. He takes his destiny into his own hands and pays the ultimate price for his greed.

Directed by Marcus Roche and with a concept design by Patricia Niemann, this is a Macbeth for the Highlands from the Highland theatre company who brought Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to schools and communities across the North in 2010.

Set around a dinner table, the entire play will take place in one room placing the banquet at the centre of the action and with the audience as guests. During the interval, the audience, surrounded by elements of design and spectacle including the ‘dagger’ chandelier, will be served with whisky and shortbread as part of the banquet.

It toured the Highlands 18th July (Portree) to 6th August 2011 (Eden Court, Inverness)

More information on 'Northings': The production, an interview with lead actors and myself and a review. Here is a link to a review in The Scotsman newspaper.