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Life Drawing
Male portrait in blue and yellow “The fascination with the human body extends to my life drawing. For many years, it has been a major element and continuous passion in my work. Normally, faces are of no importance in life drawing, as you focus mainly on posture, positive and negative shapes, three-dimensionality and accuracy of proportions. It is brilliant drawing practice! When I make drawings of the nude, I am most interested in expression – of the body, the face, feet and hands. Features of the models are often exaggerated to show what fascinates me most about them at that moment. Because poses are usually short, I work fast and vigorously. My lines show the energy with which they are drawn – they have a kind of male quality.” Male portrait in red and green Female with big hand Female torso with latex gloves

Female drwing in blue and green

Reclining female on dark red Male torso in red and yellow Hands on gold background Red gentleman looking at you

works on paper using graphite, oil pastel, oil colour, water colour and ink