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Patricia Niemann
Glass Work
Red Blown Glass Lobster Claw Neckpiece in Silver
Blown Glass Crown
Blown Glass Flacon
Glass Virus Shoulder Brooch
Maggots and Worms
Virus Forms and Bacteria
Necklace with a Sculpted Glass Bone in Heavy Silver Chain and Shackle
Glass cast block with internal skull and embedded lampworked glass maggots

Most of Patricia's work in glass is created for use in jewellery:

"You might wonder how a jeweller got into hot glass: My main interest always has been the human body. A glassblower’s work is very physical, comparable to dancing – good glassblowing is fluid like the molten material, and well “choreographed”. You interact with people and space, you sweat and there is a sense of danger – you are immersed in a bath of adrenaline and endorphins – completely addictive. So different to the usual jeweller's tranquil work on the peg!"

The images link to more information about themed glass body adornment. An ongoing body of work is Bones.

Skull and Grub Box Casting
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